New Product Launch

New Product Launch
Posted on 23rd April 2023

Unique 4 U is simply what the business name says.

With this in mind when I started working with Resin I did not have a path but simply loving the fact that each piece would be different, in fact Unique!

I have made tables, table settings, non memorial jewellery and clocks to name a few. As in my other sections it was with the passing of Mum that I choose to focus on Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery and Pieces.

Something that I loved making before was clocks, the beautiful marble type effects and colour coded to match a room gave a real sense of achievement.

Low and behold I had a request for something different as far as the customer was concerned but for me it was returning to an old favourite. Yes, Clocks! I am going to photograph the finished product but the photo above is a clock I made to match a new and quite expensive kitchen. The customer had been looking at £250 +(Some £500+ to have this look) clocks to get the visual look they wanted when I said I would do it for around £120 (Actually ended up being £95).

This started a new area for me and one I really enjoyed and results look stunning.

So as of now Memorial Clocks are offered. Timeless is what I am calling them and they will be in your choice of colour and style. They will be in different sizes. The clocks are light but I use excellent quality sweeping quartz movements and you just simply need to replace the battery for them to be Timeless.

You will be able to add Ashes or Hair and a degree of personalisation will be available subject to your wishes.

Look out for the pictures they will be in the Timeless collection in the Unique part of the Shop.  

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