The finished item/s starts as a liquid and is built up in differing layers subject to the item and its size. During this process the inclusion requested is added to the resin and then becomes as one with the finished product.

On certain ranges I offer GF (Gold Filled) this is like rolled gold and requires a certain % of gold to be present. It is a budget item but has a long life span and looks great in the completion of items.

Within reason any colour, things to bear in mind are the product being created and its size, if the you wish the inclusion to be really clear or are happy to know its present and want the colour to be centre. I can mix colours and sparkles to obtain most effects. If the colour you are after is "different" I will always mix a few options up and offer you a choice before beginning the commission.

Each job is likely to have a different time scale depending on the intricacies of it. As a guide I try to turn all jobs around with around 10-14 days maximum in the workshop. At times I may need to wait for 3rd parties for supplies but if any hold ups you will always be informed step by step. Also subject to the piece and current workload if needed urgently I will always try to speed matters up.